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Our lectures organiser works at the very heart of our Association.  She finds it interesting to contact speakers and select the range of topics.  She also enjoys getting to know the personnel in the area offices of the National Trust, and organisers from other NT Associations.  Unfortunately, her approaching retirement means that we will have to replace her, so if you could take on this important role (either alone or jointly) please let our Chairman know as soon as possible.  You can find out more by talking to any member of the Committee.

We asked members of our NT Association’s Committee what features they liked about helping to run it.  Here is a selection of their replies.

The National Trust is a worthwhile institution which deserves our support, especially in fund raising.

We get a say in where the funds we raise are donated.

The National Trust has given me so much pleasure and I want to put something back

As volunteers we can gain free entry to NT properties for an accompanied guest.

It is work that has a lasting value because it keeps the Association moving forwards, for others to enjoy in the future.

It offers the opportunity of maintaining office skills, and learning new ones through the support of fellow members.

There is a very wide range of tasks ranging from those which only need basic training, to others at the forefront of technology.

We are a sociable group of people and we like to get together for additional outings e.g. our recent trip to Dyrham Park, where we were personally entertained by staff and given a valuable insight into their work.

It presents us with opportunities of getting to know members better.

The more we put into the Association, the more enjoyment and experiences we get out of it.

We like working on our well-structured Committee, but we are looking for new volunteers because more members need to retire as they get older.  Could you spare a little time to help keep our Association going?  Sadly, it is in danger of having to cut back on activities, or even close down.

Recently repaired steps at Brean Down funded by our Association


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