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Unfortunately, in our Autumn newsletter the Chairman’s report was not printed completely. Here is a copy of the full letter.

Dear Members
 At Christmas we shall be celebrating 40 years of this Association with a
Lunch at the Beachlands Hotel. Throughout this time a varied programme of
twice-monthly talks, outings, social events and holidays has been produced
for the membership and these have been much appreciated. It has also made it
possible for the Association to give a significant contribution to support
the work of the National Trust through fund-raising, over £ 141,780 to date. 

Many of the people involved in this undertaking have been doing it for very
many years, inevitably ageing in the process with some retiring. Appeals to
members have been made with limited success but we have not found any one to
take on the organisation of speakers.

Members who were at the Annual General Meeting will know that it is proposed
to continue with Outings and Holidays and some Social Activities including
lunches in 2018 but that the Talks will cease at the end of 2017 as we have
no member(s) to organise them. Two further Newsletters are proposed to keep
you informed of our activities and the matter of a Special General Meeting
to dissolve the Association has been postponed for at least another year.
The annual subscription will remain at the current rate.

The programme which has been arranged is:
talks on Thursday afternoons on 7th September, 5th October, and 2nd November
and Friday evenings on 22nd September, 20th October and 17th November.
A 40th Anniversary Lunch at the Beachlands Hotel on Sunday 3rd December.
A Talk on Thursday afternoon 1st February 2018 with an opportunity to
collect the Spring Newsletter.
An Annual General Meeting on Thursday afternoon 12th April 2018.
Details of the Talks/Meetings are given in the “Programme for 2017/2018” in
this Newsletter and on your Membership Card. Enclosed with this Newsletter
are details and booking forms for the Winter Outings, details of the 2018
Holiday, details and a booking form for the Anniversary Lunch. The Spring
2018 Newsletter will contain details and booking forms for the Summer
Outings and other events organised for 2018.

 I would like to thank Jenni Beddington and Ray Saunders who have offered
their services. We do hope to retain our membership and still think there
must be someone who would be prepared to take on the task of booking the
speakers, if only for a year initially. Anyone else who can help us run the
Association is very welcome Please think about this and contact David
Bowring or any of the committee if you, maybe with a friend, could fill this
important role.

David Bowring, Chairman. 11 July 2017.



 Brean Down: recent step repairs funded by our Association


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